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Sven Evertse

Sven Evertse

Name: Sven Evertse

Date of birth: 12-09-1998

Instrument: Guitar

 I grew up in a little christian town named Nunspeet. There I developed my love for music and metal in general. I lived with my mother and my brother in Nunspeet. Later on, I moved to Dronten to live together with my dad. My dad being a metalhead himself, we shared our interest in this style of living and music. 

Hobby's beside music?:

Besides music, I developed my love for video games at a very early age. Together with my little brother, I explored all kinds of genre of games. Nowadays, I play games in the soulslike genre and program mods for it sometimes.

I started playing the guitar when I was sixteen years old. I started because I had a mate at my college whom I shared my music interest with. He challenged me to play guitar, and so I did. I fell in love since and never looked back. 

I originally formed a music project with a guitar player that I knew from my guitar teacher. We did play together one time before, but our advised us to start a band together. I and that guitar player started to search for people. Eventually, we found the right minds to share our passion for music with.

I am very heavily influenced by metal songwriters and rhythm guitar players like James Hetfield, Joe Duplantier, Adam Jones, Mikael Akerfeldt and many more. I really like the percussive and sometimes psychedelic influences they bring to the table.

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