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About Us

Heavily inspired by early 2000's death metal, 
the unapologetic raw sound of HESKEN
offers a different take on the prog metal genre

HESKEN is a progressive metalband from Zwolle (NL) with an unmistakable musical footprint. Inspired by Gojira, Opeth, Fractal Universe, Beyond Creation, Thy Art Is Murder and Tool, we forge our own unapologetically raw progressive metal.

Our band was formed in 2018 and since then we had setbacks, line-up changes but most importantly we’ve made some major steps towards success.

Since late 2022, early 2023 we’ve been writing the first songs for our upcoming album which is set to release mid-2024. When we played our first gig with the new line-up in Breda (NL), featuring Changing Tides, the ball started rolling for us. Since then we’ve played in Rotterdam (NL), Groningen (NL), Zwolle (NL), Harderwijk (NL) and Nordhorn (DE). we’ve played with a variety of bands like Black Rabbit (NL), Pound (US), Vermin (NL), A Place To Fall (DE), Serotonia (NL), Loyalty Ends Here (NL), Caffa’s Rain (NL) and Vidarr (NL).

When we heard that we were selected for the Dutch metalbattle, we couldn’t contain our excitement. After two days on the road for other gigs we arrived in our home-base Zwolle and blew the metalbattle audience (and jury) away from the first note.

After an energetic performance we took home the win and went on to the semi-finals in Groningen. In Groningen we also blew everyone away with our unique song-writing, showmanship and with our ability to get the crowd going.

After a bunch of moshpits, a wall of death and a sing-along the jury was convinced that our band had to play the finals in Harderwijk.

When the time arrived for the finals, we filled the room with HESKEN-fans and filled the air with screams. Our band is growing a steady and loyal fanbase and we are working towards the first album with a burning passion for metal in our hearts.


A Metal Battle review from the Dutch ‘Stichting Noord Geldersch Metaal’:


“The 2nd selected band, but not any less exciting, is Hesken. As the victors of ‘veldslag noord’* they’ve fought their way into the finals. This prog-metal band heavily leans on influences from Melodic Death Metal. These 4 warriors know how to throw in a lot of different styles into the mix which gives them the ability to speak to a wider audience.”


Listen to HESKEN:

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