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Jelle Boukes

jelle drum foto.png

Name: Jelle Boukes

Date of birth: 19-10-2004

Instrument: Drums

As a kid I didn't actually care that much for music, I liked some pop songs on the radio but that was it. I had a lot of extra energy though as I have adhd so my family surprised me on my 11th birthday with an electronic drum kit which was awesome!
I started lessons and around a year later for my birthday I got a real drum kit!

However I still didn't really “get” music, I liked listening to the songs that i knew but I lacked any inspiration to actually play so unless I had my weekly drum lessons I never really practised.

The start of my full blown obsession with music didn't happen until I was around 13 when I had been listening to this “old rock music” playlist.
I remember really liking Thunderstruck by ACDC, however I didn't know the name of the song.
When I tried to find out the name of that song I instead found a certain song called Enter sandman by Metallica. Really liking this song I started listening to them instead and somewhere there I had the realisation: “Wait, I can actually play this??” and suddenly i was spending hours on my drum kit everyday to the great dismay of my neighbours!

Couple years later my brother invited me to weekly rehearsal sessions for his 2 man black metal project, with the idea that I’d be able to practise and learn to play with others without obligations to that project. Little did I know I’d be recording their second album and sharing the stage with them soon after!

It's been around 8 years now since I first started drumming and since then I have been working on many small projects, recording my own drum covers and learning other skills like guitar and vocals so I could learn to understand music better and write my own stuff.

I actually met the Hesken guys when playing a gig with my other band at the Metal battle.
There were in total 4 bands there and Hesken was one of those! 
Fast forward a year later my brother heard they were searching for a drummer, coincidentally I had been on the search for a band for a while and that ended up in me auditioning and then joining the band!

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