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Harmen Verheij

Harmen Verheij

Name: Harmen Verheij

Date of birth: 17-09-1999

Instrument: Guitar + Vocals


I grew up in Urk, a notorious extremely Christian community. Later in life I moved further into the countryside to Marknesse, where I was able to express myself in a more authentic way. That meant playing and listening to hard rock and metal. I got my first guitar when I was 11 and taught myself a few riffs. when I turned 12, I started taking lessons. I started to play because I was really interested in playing loud music and wanted to write and perform music for an audience. My biggest influencer for my playing style is Angus Young from AC/DC, His energy, attitude and virtuosic playing has brought me where I am today. Years later in my first year of my music education at Artez Zwolle, Marijn approached me and said his band needed a new guitarist. One thing lead to another and I got to audition for HESKEN in 2020.

HESKEN accepted me into their family and the rest is history.

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