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Richard Pol

Richard Pol

Name: Richard Pol

Date of birth: 09-06-1988

Instrument: Drums

I grew up in a small village called Alteveer. When I was a really young kid I started to play drums on upside down flowerpots on the floor, after a while my dad made a drumkit for me with buckets and flowerpots so I didn't have to sit on the floor anymore. I think I got my first real drumkit when I turned 10. My parents took my hobby seriously and I was allowed to get drumming lessons.

When I grew up stopped playing drums for a while because I was more interested in guitars and that's when I found my first prog metal band. After one year of practicing with that band we where ready to go on stage. We had our first gig, it was a amazing experience but the drummer told us that he did not want to continue.

After that we invited some drummers, couple of no shows, couple of drummers that where not really interested in this kind of music. But playing without a drummer gets a bit boring after some months. So I told the rest of that band that I grew up playing drums as well and I would love to start playing it again. Of course I needed a lot of practice, but after a while we were ready to go on stage again. My love for playing drums returned and I started to watch more and more video's about drummers, I can still remember the first time a saw Mike Portnoy playing drums and immediately I fell in love with his playing style, his energy and the way he makes his drumkit speak.

After some time the band quitted and I played with a couple of different bands and projects, until I saw a advertisement from Sven that HESKEN is looking for a drummer, so I contacted him, and we met in a bar just to talk about music, styles and their ideas for HESKEN. This was in February 2019. and we never looked back.

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